Hand & Foot Repair & Nourish Bundle

Product Description

This product bundle provides the perfect combination of hydrating and nourishing ingredients.
It includes: Organic Hemp Hand & Body Cream, Organic Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream, Organic Spearmint Lip Balm, At-Home Pedicure Tool, and a washcloth.

Hemp is a deeply moisturising ingredient which does not clog pores. It is ideal for all skin types, including acne prone or mature skin. Hemp will help rejuvenate dry, damaged, and tired skin. Our nutrient rich blend is natural, organic and cruelty free, and ideal for every skin type. This ethically sourced and cruelty free hand and body cream is natural, luxurioux, intensively moisturising, and rich in anti-oxidants.
Lemon Myrtle is naturally anti-bacterial, and deeply hydrates the skin. Lemon Myrtle is a zesty, fresh and uplifting native Australian bush shrub, and it transforms this nourishing blend into a refreshing, stimulating and deeply beneficial cream that will help to heal all dry hand ailments. Our Organic Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream is perfect for use after a day in the sun, for healing tough and cracked skin, for the gardeners, labourers and all hard workers alike, and for every day use for all hands, young and old.

Our products are naturally preserved by organic Australian beeswax, and are made with no hidden nasties.

Price: AUD $38.00